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Normanton Park Showflat is designed to provide a real-life environment for homebuyers to experience what it is like to live in this mega-resort styled development. The layout in Normanton Park Unit Mix is well planned with squarish rooms that are functional and practical. In addition, spaces are well optimized with good space distribution between the different rooms.  With the creative power of top interior stylists, the Normanton Park Showflat will also invoke many inspirations on how you can personalize your home and make it stand out from the rest!  You will be surprised there are many smart and inexpensive ways to create a living space that is perfect for you and your family.  

There are a total of 4 layouts on display in the Normanton Park Showflat namely the 1-bedroom with study, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 5-bedroom.  You will be pleasantly surprised that there are a total of 9 layouts for 1-bedroom in Normanton Park floor plan and the 1-bedroom with study layout provides a good size living, dining, and kitchen, plus a spacious master ensuite and a cozy study area which can be converted into a room or a family area.  This will be very appealing to couples or small families who want the space to create an extra bedroom for the future without compromising on the size of the other living areas.  

The layout of the rooms and living areas area is well planned and optimized, avoiding the issue of odd corners or dead spaces.  It is generally perceived that the 1-bedroom layouts are space constrained but the layout in Normanton Park Showflat demonstrates otherwise. With a floor area of an estimated 560 sq ft to 580 sq ft, the 1-bedroom plus study layout is functional and comfortable. 

In addition to the 1-bedroom with a study which is showcased in Normanton Park Showflat, those who are considering compact units should also check out the 2-bedroom showflat.  Depending on the needs of the home buyer, there are 3 categories of 2-bedroom layouts namely compact, premium, and ‘with study’.  

The compact layout for the 2-bedroom offers a good size kitchen which is located on one side of the unit so that you do not see the kitchen directly upon entering the unit.  For the compact 2-bedroom, both the living and dining area is located in the center of the house with the master ensuite on one side and the common bedroom on the other side.  

All 3 spaces, living, dining, and balcony are aligned in the center of the unit and as a result, the house looks very spacious as the balcony can serve as an extension to the living room.  The floor area of a compact 2-bedroom unit ranges from 635 sq ft to 667 sq ft.  By visiting the Normanton Park Showflat, you will gain a better insight into the living experience of the 2-bedroom configuration.

For families who need additional space, the 2-bedroom premium configuration offers an additional bathroom while the 2-bedroom plus study has added space that can be used as a study, a storage room, walk-in wardrobe, or even a nursery.  From the 2-bedroom Normanton Park Showflat, one can experience the space optimization and distribution of the layout and also be inspired by how the interior designers have cleverly put together a comfortable and stylish home. 

For families who are looking for a larger unit, the 3-bedroom layout on display at the Normanton Park Showflat will be very suitable.  There are 2 types of 3-bedroom layouts namely compact and premium.  The larger of the 2 configurations, the 3-bedroom premium layout, has a spacious integrated living and dining area with an enclosed kitchen that leads to a big storeroom and washroom.  

In addition, the balcony in the living room extends to the first common bedroom.  This provides flexibility for the residents to convert the first common bedroom as part of the living room.  The estimated floor area of the premium layout ranges between 1,065 sq ft to 1,098 sq ft.

As shown in the Normanton Park Showflat, the premium layout is most suitable for families who need the extra space while the 3-bedroom compact layout is ideal for families who wish to pay for the space that they need without giving up any major functional area in the house.  With a floor area ranging from 904 sq ft to 968 sq ft, one additional benefit of the compact layout is that it comes equipped with an enclosed kitchen which is very practical for heavy-duty cooking which may be prevalent in larger families. 

The star of the Normanton Park Showflat would be the luxurious 5-bedroom layout.  Occupying a generous floor area of an estimated 1,615 sq ft, one can enjoy an oversized living and dining area that extends out into a large balcony with unblocked views of the surroundings.  Besides an inviting living and dining space, residents can enjoy the convenience and benefits of having both dry and wet kitchens.  

The dry kitchen comes complete with a beautiful worktop which serves as a meeting point where the family can gather and dine casually.  Besides the cozy dry kitchen, the unit includes a spacious wet kitchen with a storeroom and washroom.  A great highlight for this layout is the spacious master ensuite that includes a walk-in wardrobe.  With the ample living space and functionality of the 5-bedroom, it is an ideal home for multi-generation families.  

For anyone visiting Normanton Park Showflat, it is important to consider other critical factors.  For instance, one of the highlights of the development is the unblocked view from the balcony.  As most of the blocks are positioned to maximize the views of the surroundings, the balcony becomes a focal point for the house as it acts as a private viewing deck for you and your family to take in the panoramic views surrounding the unit.  

With the latest technology such as the motorized balcony blinds, the living room can be extended into the balcony and transform the balcony area into a cozy space that is integrated with the living and dining area.  Based on personal preferences, these blinds can be customized based on color, visibility, and weather protection properties.  Furthermore, these blinds are easy to install, use, and maintain which makes them very popular for tropical high-rise living in Singapore. 

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