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Normanton Park Site Plan

It is without a doubt that the private residential market in Singapore is very competitive and there are ample options available to home buyers.  Given the insatiable appetite of home buyers for refreshing new residential offerings, developers are challenged to step up their game to present truly innovative products that will stand out among the rest.  This was an inviting challenge to the Normanton Park Developer when they set their goal to create an outstanding design for the Normanton Park Site Plan that encompasses high-rise living, landed homes, shopping, and dining.

Normanton Park Site Plan

The drawing board for the Normanton Park Site Plan is a large land parcel with an estimated size of 63,593 square meters with exceptional accessibility to amenities, the city, and nature!  This great plot of land is conveniently located next to Science Park 1 and along the Ayer-Rajah Expressway.  In addition, it is right next to the lush greenery of Kent Ridge Park and within close proximity to the surrounding nature belt of the Southern Ridges.  This scenic nature zone consists of an estimated 10km of connected green spaces that include the popular Labrador Nature Reserve, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, Mount Faber Park, and Telok Blangah Hill Park.

Building upon its unique location amongst flourishing nature, the Normanton Park Site Plan is inspired by the majestic Amazon River and its lush foliage. Located in South America, the Amazon River is considered one of the world’s greatest river in terms of volume and width.  The 4,000 miles (6,437 km) river is a lifeline to the great natural ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest.  The river and its fertile river basin are habitats to many exotic species of wildlife, flora, and fauna. 

Furthermore, the Amazon basin is home to many large cities such as Belem in Brazil which is located at the mouth of the Amazon River and has an inhabitant of approximately 2.3 million people.  And the vision of the Normanton Park Site Plan is to bring this to life and let its future residents experience living in a breathtaking landscape of rivers and nature with unparallel convenience & accessibility.

The Normanton Park Site Plan is built upon a naturally elevated ground and furthermore, every tower is raised by an estimated 18.8m above the ground and this means that the lowest floor is at a height equivalent to the seventh story.  The motivation for this design is two-fold.  First, it provides residents on the lower floor with an unblocked view of the surroundings.  Secondly, it offers a larger, spacious common area for landscaping and facilities on the ground level.  In addition, close to 80% of the land area has been set aside for landscape and facilities in the Normanton Park Site Plan.  Only an estimated 21% of the area will be used for the 9 residential towers.

Besides the elevated site area and residential towers, the design of the Normanton Park Site Plan also includes many important considerations. First, architects have to position the 9 residential blocks so that they can take advantage of the unblock views of the site. The design objective is to maximize the view of the external surroundings from every tower and to minimize the towers from overlapping.

One of the unique attributes of the Normanton Park Site Plan is that the development offers 360 degrees of unblocked picturesque views of the surrounding greenery, the city, and the sea. The towers facing the north will enjoy a sumptuous view of lush greenery and the vibrant city.  For south-facing towers, residents will be enthralled by the captivating views of the sea and Kent Ridge Hill while those that are south-west facing will be delighted with the mesmerizing view of the lush greenery at Kent Ridge Park and the soothing blue sea. 

For those who love the morning sun, they will be pleased to know that the east of Normanton Park site plan offers a charming view of the central business district and the calming sea.  For towers facing westward, they will be charmed by the unblocked view of the flourishing One-North District with its distinct contemporary architecture blended amongst the parks and greenery.  With the advantage of the elevated towers, such captivating scenic views are no longer exclusive to residents on the high-floors.

One of the design goals for the Normanton Park Site Plan is to minimize overlapping between the 9 towers to offer the finest view from every unit.  Furthermore, this design also allows greater privacy and exclusivity to the residents as the Normanton Park by Kingsford aims to reduce the chances of units looking directly into each other.  Furthermore, careful consideration has been placed to ensure there is a good distance between the towers so that residents can feel the sense of space all around the development. 

Besides spacing between towers, the developer has also cleverly placed the strata landed homes amongst the towers so that there is a greater distance between the towers.  For example, a row of 6 landed houses is placed between Towers 61 and 45 so that the estimated distance between the 2 towers is 60 meters.

Furthermore, the designers of Normanton Park Site Plan has also planned generous setback from the residential units to the Ayer-Rajah Expressway.  The closest high-rise residential block, Tower 45, is approximately 105 meters away from the expressway and the units are specially equipped with an acoustic ceiling and both window and door restrictors. 

One glance at the Normanton Park Site Plan and you will be completely awed by the grandeur of the landscape architecture.  Close to 80% of the land area is dedicated to landscape and recreational facilities and the development offers more than 100 leisure options.  The Normanton Park Site Plan is made up of a number of core zones.  First, there is the Grand Lobby which showcases the impressive entrance for residents and visitors as they make their way into the development.  Secondly, there are 4 water recreational zones namely the Villas Pool, Central Pool, Wellness Center, and the All-Day Dining and Pool Bar.  

Besides the delightful water features and meandering rivers, sports lovers will be thrilled to discover that the Normanton Park Site Plan also offers a Sports Club zone that provides comprehensive sports facilities that include a well-equipped gym, tennis courts, outdoor table tennis facilities, outdoor IPPT station, and outdoor fitness pavilions. Truly Normanton Park Location is the ideal development for those who enjoy grandeur landscapes and lavish recreational facilities.

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