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Normanton Park Unit Mix

Normanton Park Unit Mix – In order to cater to the diverse needs of homebuyers, Normanton Park unit mix offers 6 major categories of layout ranging from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom units and even strata landed houses.  Furthermore, each of these major categories also offers various configurations which include options such as study area, storage room, and additional balcony space.  All these options provide home buyers the flexibility to choose the layout that best meets their needs.  Therefore, whether you are a single resident, a small family, or a multi-generational family, Normanton Park has the ideal home to meet your needs.

Normanton Park Unit Mix

Good news to potential investors!  The 1-bedroom layout in Normanton Park Floor Plan comprises 3 major types namely 1-bedroom, 1-bedroom with study, and 1-bedroom penthouse.  Together these 3 types make up closed to 30% of the Normanton Park Unit Mix.  For investors who are looking for low quantum units to maximize their investment return, they can consider the compact 1-bedroom units which have floor areas starting from 484 square feet. 

And for homebuyers who are looking for their own stay, the 1-bedroom with the study is a good option as it offers an additional study area which is beneficial as working from home is a prevalent trend since the onset of Covid-19.  With the additional study area, homebuyers can choose to enclose it to create a small room or use it as a storage area.    

Located within minutes’ drive to the city and close to various business hubs such as one-north and Science Park, Normanton Park Location has become the preferred condominium for many potential tenants.  Though there are many residences located in the city however the unique natural surroundings of Normanton Park Site Plan and the convenient access to schools and amenities have led the development to become an attractive choice for tenants who desire a relaxing environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  With this in mind, the Normanton Park Unit Mix offers a total of 552 1-bedroom residences to cater to this demand.

In addition to 1-bedroom units, 32% of the Normanton Park Unit Mix is made up of various 2-bedroom layouts.  There are a total of 4 major types of 2-bedroom configurations namely the 2-bedroom compact, 2-bedroom premium, 2-bedroom with study, and 2-bedroom penthouse. 

The key difference between the compact and premium units is the additional common bathroom in the latter configuration.  The 2-bedroom compact units are designed with the living and dining area in the center of the residence, between 2 bedrooms.  This design allows greater space optimization as there is no corridor leading to the bedrooms.  In addition, the kitchen is cleverly hidden away from the living room, offering a more conducive environment.  In total, there are altogether 264 2-bedroom compact units in the Normanton Park Unit Mix which translates to an estimated 14% of the total units in the development.

Besides the compact 2-bedroom units, close to 12% of the Normanton Park Unit Mix comprises the 2-bedroom premium configuration.  This layout comes in 2 designs which features either the living room in the center of the residence or on the extreme left or right side of the unit.  The key advantage for the 2-bedroom premium layout is the additional bathroom which is beneficial to small families who require access to more bathrooms.

Another good layout recommended for small families is the 2-bedroom with a study area which has a floor area ranging from 829 to 850 square feet.  These units come with an additional study area located next to the master bedroom which can be converted into an enclosed study room or a walk-in wardrobe for the master ensuite.  In addition for those with newborn or young children, this study area can be turned into a nursery or even a playroom.  This unique configuration is limited to only 88 units in the development which makes up close to 5% of the Normanton Park Unit Mix.

In addition to the smaller units, Normanton Park Price also provides ample choices ranging from 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom units and landed houses.  For starters, families can consider the 3-bedroom layout which makes up 28% of the Normanton Park Unit Mix.  There are 3 major types of 3-bedroom units which include the 3-bedroom compact, 3-bedroom premium, and 3-bedroom penthouse.  In total, the development offers 529 units of the 3-bedroom layout in the Normanton Park Unit Mix.

In general, the 3-bedroom layout provides comfortable and ample functional space for the entire household.  The 3-bedroom compact is suitable for families who need the additional bedroom while the 3-bedroom premium offers a storage room and a washroom in the kitchen.  In addition, the balcony that extends from the living area stretches all the way to one of the common rooms.  This provides greater outdoor space for the entire family to enjoy alfresco dining or simply to enjoy the breathtaking views of natural surroundings and the city.  

Besides the 3-bedroom units, larger families can also consider the 4-bedroom units which make up 6% of the Normanton Park Unit Mix.  There are 3 types of 4-bedroom units namely the 4-bedroom with study, 4-bedroom premium, and the 4-bedroom penthouse. The 4-bedroom with study offers 2 common bathrooms and a study area while the 4-bedroom premium offers an additional common bathroom, a storage room, and a washroom in the kitchen.  Both layouts are equipped with both the dry and wet kitchen and a spacious living and dining area.  The development offers a total of 115 4-bedroom units in the Normanton Park Unit Mix.

For homebuyers who are desiring 5-bedroom units, there are only 46 units in Normanton Park Showflat with floor area starting from 1615 square feet.  These coveted units which make up about 2% of the Normanton Park Unit Mix are very popular with multi-generational families.  Each unit comes fully equipped with 5 good size bedrooms, dry and wet kitchens, a storage room, and a large living and dining area so that the whole family can enjoy the comfort of a very spacious home. 

Last but not least, the collection of 22 strata landed homes within the Normanton Park Unit Mix is truly rare and unique.  Each unit boasts a generous floor area of 2110 square feet and offers 3 common bedrooms and a master ensuite.  And for the convenience of the residents, each unit comes with a dedicated carpark lot at the basement level of the house.  With such a rich offering of layouts, Normanton Park is unreservedly the ideal choice for all home buyers and investors.

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